Newsletter #2 – Printing Innovation presents: iCube-Printer and much more

Printing Innovation presents:
iCube-Printer and much more

The iCube-family with the model types 1, 2 and 3 starts their promising product life. Please be our guests and witnesses of the product launch. We would like to cordially invite you to our reseller meeting on the June 24, 2014 until June 25, 2014. The meeting takes place in our new rooms and there we want to give you an insight, of the advantages the new iCube models provide you in manufacturing and selling.

We’re planning to use June 24, 2014 for th introduction of the printer family iCube-printers and more market innovations. The June 25, 2014 is scheduled as an open discussion and testing day.

We’re inviting all our reseller for this meeting. Like us you have a preference for fast label-printers too. Come and see us. Together we can enjoy the great possibilities of the iCube product family.

Please be so kind and make your reservation for June 24 and 25 in 2014. Please send in your reservation and announce your arrival until June 05 in 2014 by using the e-mail-address: This special date three weeks in advance helps us to reserve a respectable hotel for you. Some details to the daily schedule June 24, 2014.

Our first part of the meeting will cover the entry-level model iCube1. It prints labels in connection with a PC. Three recessed pushbuttons on the side of the iCube1 offer you the easier handling: That includes at first Power-On and Power-Off; at second Cancel and Clear-Error; at third label entry and back giving of the unused labels. With the printer-driver and the known toolbox you can do some helpful settings.

The iCube2 is using a little touch display. Here we are proud in implementing a pause key, an essential wish of our support team leader. This key enables the operator to produce in intervals which is useful when something happen unexpectidly. In addition you can observe the ink tank status.

The 3rd model, iCube3 is a stand-alone printer, no PC is required to operate.With this printer you can prepare print jobs and save in the printer and reprint them with the help of a iCobeSurface. Or you print files with the extension *.PDF transferring via USB-device. You just simply adjust the outlines of the label and let’s go! This is an added value which is really worth having.


From the experiences with the great variety of small-label-production we like to present you a printer family, which is a match to the diversified requirements of fast-printing smaller label jobs and variable printing, it helps you to reduce costs. What are your wishes? Please tell us personally!

Don’t hesitate to contact us: Sign in over e-mail! Use or simply call us. We keep you a seat available. Please help us to prepare the meeting well. Please sign in! Familiarize yourself with the idea of our new iCube printers.

We are looking forward to welcome you at our reseller meeting. We want to build a close cooperation with you and build a mutual success.

We are looking forward to your visit.
Your Printing Innovation Team

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