Memjet Technology
Our Technical Partner

Our technology Partner Memjet uses a special and effective technology for their Printheads:

The Memjet Waterfall Printhead Technology®

Low-costs combined with high-speed color printing are features of this printer head and the so-equipped printers.
The print head has 70,400 nozzles that output in seconds millions of ink drops. This enables completely new possibilities in the commercial and industrial markets. Minimal warm-up times and a drastic print-noise-reduction are also other advantages, which are related to the use of this component in conjunction and gives you a strong advantage over your competitors.

Technical specifications

  • 70.400 nozzles
  • Printable width 8.77 inch (222.8 mm)
  • Print speed 6 inches (152mm) per second or 12 inches (305mm) per second)
  • Print resolution 1,600 dots per inch